A Brief Pause to Enjoy Spring

Like so many, it has been a strange time as we slowly emerge, hopefully, from the worst of the pandemic. It was a long, difficult, lonely winter that held an extra bitter bite this year and the emergence of Spring is ever welcome! Spring has given me a new found hope and optimism towards the future. I have been meaning to slow down during this time and simply observe the sights, smells, and sounds around me. As I grow older, the subtle and not so subtle changes of the seasons become more apparent and alluring to me. I notice more and more details in the the rhythms and patterns of our world and it makes me feel like I am a part of something much larger and more profound than myself. I like to disappear into it all. Light and color and warmth are slowly returning to our world and taking time to pause and get lost in the sensory wealth of my surroundings can be such an important grounding experience. Life is all about perspective and balance and so I wanted to take a break from the chaos of our world and simply post some of the pictures I have enjoyed taking this spring so far. I hope that you enjoy and find warmth and comfort in them and perhaps the colors can be an inspiration that despite the harsh conditions of the past few months, life tends to emerge out of the depths of despair into bright and wonderful colors. Much love ❤

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