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Greetings fellow life travelers, my name is Matt Thomas. I am a traveling nurse from Chattanooga, TN who has recently decided to delve into blogging. I used to love writing and found it quite cathartic and so I want to light that fire once again and share my thoughts and experiences with the world. Life is certainly a whirlwind of all things beautiful and terrifying. It can be so easy to lose your way in the chaos of life and lose out on the potential of you! I wanted to start this blog because I felt myself struggling with a collection of unhealthy habits, things like negative thought patterns, anxiety, playing a victim role, self-depreciation, and general dissatisfaction with life. I am choosing not to continue down this destructive path. I felt like I was losing sight of myself, my blessings, the bigger picture, and the spiritual, loving nature of existence. I wanted a place to collect my thoughts through my own journey of self-growth and cultivate a more fulfilled, spiritual, and connected life. I want to share it all, my little victories, my struggles, my insights, and my experiences. I hope that this blog will help me analysis and contextualize my issues, my past traumas, and my unhealthy mental habits and transform myself into a more loving, compassionate, and grateful being. More importantly, I hope that this blog helps you as well. Life is a dialogue and I want to believe we can help each other through life’s challenges through open communication and vulnerability. It won’t be easy exposing myself but I feel that it is important work. Thank you for choosing to take this journey with me. May we find the peace and strength within ourselves together. Life is a mystery and an adventure so let us explore together! Much love!

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