Finding Love Once Again

I have found love once again. It’s so strange how prophetic everything seems. It feels like my life has been leading up to this moment. Life has been teaching me to be strong, resilient, independent, and above all, to fully love and accept myself without pause or respite. It would seem a byproduct of this growth and clarity would naturally be the reemergence of love and companionship, for it is what I have dreamed of and what I naturally invoke from the universe with my recent endeavors. And here it is. Laid out before me like an endless table of infinite delicacies, assortments, and nourishment. I feel it most strongly here and now, with this special someone. She has been on a similar journey, through pain, struggle, doubt, and trauma to emerge out of the ashes a thing of beauty and grace.

Our stars have aligned and our energies have once again found each other in this universe. We will do this dance forever and ever in a thousand lives in a thousand forms in a thousand places. But for now, here she is, striking and beautiful beyond words, body, mind, and spirit. I am overcome with gratitude and respect for this person, and for the life and the choices I have made that has led to this moment. It feels like I have been cultivating a love within myself for some time, and that I am finally reaping the rewards of my harvest and my effort. How elated I am at the prospect of a partnership submerged under the azure, oceanic waves of love, admiration, respect, humility, gratitude, and growth.

What I am most proud of is the idea that I have cultivated a sense of love for and within myself and others when I had the very real and easy choice to descend into self-pity, insecurity, intolerance, and cynicism. I feel like the two of us are two strong, independent beings who have by fate met and who encourage, enliven, and invigorate one another. This is the next step for me. This feels like my next great adventure. I have been up mountains, through sprawling deserts, shrouded by rain forests and oceans, all to now venture through the hallowed fields of love and companionship. Now is the time to gently settle into a new journey. To learn. To growth. To be vulnerable. To be patient. To talk. To laugh. To cry. To celebrate. To embrace the full spectrum of emotion and connection with another living, breathing, vibrant being.

Redemption has come. The pangs of my past no longer feel wasted, but are embraced as necessary for forging me onto this most holy path I now walk. I will sacrifice all for this, I will fight and die for this. What could be greater than to love another? What could be better than to see someone through the eyes of God? To ascend into heaven through the reservoir of love is to be our greatest accomplishment and reward. Though this life may be short and fleeting, death is just another passing phase down this universal river. The tides will change, planets of life will come and go, stars will be born and slowly fade, and perhaps matter and energy itself will slowly dissolve away given enough time, but I will still love you. And that love transcends all. Now is the time to celebrate life! This breath. This moment. Here. Now. Is God.

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