Learning Radical Acceptance

Acceptance is the silent song I try to play to myself each day. Each day I am getting better at putting the notes together and creating something beautiful in the process. This past week or so, I have felt a little lighter than I normally do. The air doesn’t feel quite as thick and the... Continue Reading →

Today Was A Hard Day

Today was a hard day. There’s no romanticizing this experience. Despite the fact that I was brave and strong and courageous and resilient…. At the end of the day, it just feels like I am left with a pile of sand running through my fingers. All of that strength….so I can do it all over... Continue Reading →

Finding Love Once Again

I have found love once again. It’s so strange how prophetic everything seems. It feels like my life has been leading up to this moment. Life has been teaching me to be strong, resilient, independent, and above all, to fully love and accept myself without pause or respite. It would seem a byproduct of this... Continue Reading →

For Maw Maw…

My grandmother recently passed away surrounded by family after a long, hard battle with cancer. After her death, I felt compelled to write a eulogy and wanted to share that today: I could go on all day about the countless things that made Maw Maw special. Known for her big heart and her big personality,... Continue Reading →

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