Celebrate the Little Victories

So today was a good day for me! I am elated and humbled by the experience I had today at work and keeping my mind calm and in the present moment. You know, work usually infuses me with anxiety and anticipated scenarios. It’s often draining mentally, it wears on my body, and it compounds over time.

Today was different. Today I woke up and as soon as I sat up in bed, I told myself it was going to be a good day. I focused my mind to the present moment, making sure not to attach to thoughts of what might happen today, and so on. I felt the warm water in the shower and I thought about what I am grateful for in the shower. As I brushed my teeth, I recalled these appreciations in my head. When I was done, I looked myself in the mirror and told myself I love you. I told myself that I will do my best today and to make it a learning experience.

I got dressed and headed in the living room for a meditation session. By this time my mind was winding up for work but I sat there with my eyes closed and brought my attention back to my breath, back to the moment. I was able to conjure up feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the moment. Without thinking too much about work, I picked up my things and headed out.

And this mindset lasted! Throughout the work day I tried to see the best in people, I tried to use my energy to be helpful, and most importantly my mind kept quiet throughout all of this. Most of the verbal chatter in my mind that usually drives me crazy throughout the day was not there. It was just me, appreciating the moment, being in the moment. It was so calming and I felt I projected this energy out into my environment. People no longer stimulated my fear, they were just people like me and I was thriving in interacting with them.

Today was a good lesson in training your mind each morning. As I have heard from outside sources, if you can conquer yourself first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is easy. Getting over that first hurdle of the mind, resisting the urge to probe for stressful stimuli and just being present and joyous in the moment is so important. I am grateful for these little victories. They are reminders that I am on the right track and that the potential to improve my life and to create whatever I want is there for the taking. Don’t be afraid to celebrate these mental victories, however small. Keep the energy and motivation flowing towards a brighter future. Small victories over time will develop into life changing inspiration and success! Happy improving everyone! 😊

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