Meditation: Experiencing the Rhythm

            I recently experienced meditation in a new way that has helped make me feel more connected with the universe. This helps because living alone across the country from my family and friends can get lonely at times. It’s nice to find ways to feel connected with something larger than myself. The new theme that... Continue Reading →

Painted Wall: Growing and Healing Through Nature

            My encounters with nature can sometimes be shocking and transformative, condensing space and time, and leaving me with a bewildered sense of wonder. I revel in the majesty of the patterns and rhythm of it all. The beauty, the power, and the energy seem to flow through me and everything becomes instinctual, visceral, and... Continue Reading →

The Mind as a River

The mind is as a river. The mind,like moving water, is continuously active and flowing. The mind is a stream ofenergy, constantly winding and turning. It contains both calm and frantictendencies. It is ever-changing and forceful, affecting, shaping, andinfluencing the surrounding environment. A river slowly erodes the land, picking up and sweeping away allthat comes... Continue Reading →

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