Just Breath: Generating Gratitude

Each day I try to think about things I am grateful for in an effort to bring light, meaning, and purpose into my life. In my search for wisdom, I continually come across multiple sources that state that generating feelings of gratitude can elevate your mood, your vibration, and your whole mindset and approach to... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Trauma: Exchange of Energy

          I was married for a year before getting divorced in 2015. The subsequent years that followed were a dark time in my life. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had completely shut myself off emotionally from other people. I even shut myself off from myself, I didn’t communicate with myself, I... Continue Reading →

Correcting Negative Thoughts

            I have been living on my own in Colorado for a little over two weeks now. I talk to family and friends regularly back in Tennessee. As I mention the places I have been going and the things I have done, a couple of my family members have asked about me making friends and... Continue Reading →

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